Meet the McKinleys

Teamwork: Husband-and-Wife Style

Imagine a household that is constantly flowing with creativity and projects, and that is NEVER clean. Like, never ever.  It's clear that we'd rather be creating than cleaning.

Before coming on full-time with t&G, Bennett was a full-time stay-at-home dad to our son Louis, breaking down gender barriers and proving that the SAH gig is for dads too.  Bennett is also very talented in the art of photography and became very "alley famous" in our town.

The pioneer of the handmade selling in the family is Katy, who built the business from scratch, and quit her cushy desky job to explore the world of self-employment in 2014.  And in addition to t&G, Katy does contract work for Patterns for Pirates, sews way too much, and writes on her family/sewing/anything goes blog: Wild & Wanderful.

Handmade, and we mean it.

We live in Wheeling, WV with our one human child and two fur children.  Thread & Grain is operated out of our home studio, and we use zero amounts of outside manufacturing.  Our items are handmade, by us, always.

The focus of our items are all related to the love of things: love of HOME, love of CRAFT, and love of SELF.

We believe in the process of handmade.  There's always something to learn and something to be taught. 

We are incredibly honored to have you along with us for the ride.

Now let's go make some beautiful things!