Thread & Grain LAUNCH PARTY!

May 1 was the date we set for the official launch of Thread & Grain...and here it is!  We've been working super hard behind the scenes over the last couple of months to get this rebrand of Handmade Escapade up and running.  And it's finally the day!

Why the name change?
Sometimes you just need it.  Handmade Escapade treated us well but just didn't feel like it would hold up forever.  It was too long, the web address with two e's side by side made life hard (I'm not many people got it wrong) and we are building a new level of items for sale.

Plus, we are bringing Bennett on as a fulltime member of the team!  Thread & Grain is almost an extension of the team that is Katy & Bennett.  I hope you love it.  We've got plans for so many new, exciting, and badass things in the future!

For this launch, we've got new things to show already.  Check out our wooden necklaces, available today: 

Thanks again for willingly coming along on this journey with us.  We have loved every single step of it and are looking forward to what the future holds!