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Evelyn Fold-Over Clutch :: Kitties + Dots

Evelyn Fold-Over Clutch :: Kitties + Dots

Evelyn Fold-Over Clutch :: Kitties + Dots


Needing a perfect clutch for a girls’ night out / date night / everyday use?
You’re going to fall in love with Evelyn!

Measuring 12″ wide x 10″ tall when folded (and 15″ tall when open), it is the perfect size to carry the essentials…while still looking cute, of course.

The decorative metal zipper and brown vegan leather panels bring a modern touch to these bags.  And the large, yet compact size makes this the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Thanks to KZJO Studio for the pattern!

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Did you know that we make everything in-house?**

On an average day, I'm sewing like a maniac.  If you could see my closet (and the laundry baskets that haven't made it to the closet yet) you would understand why I sometimes take my sewing obsession and turn it into clothing and accessories for others.  My closet space thanks you for taking some of these items off of my hands.

For our wooden items, we own a C02 laser that allows us to engrave and cut a multitude of materials.  We spend most of the time with that machine engraving sweet, sweet designs into wood.  But sometimes we will branch out and try new materials.

Our crocheted goods are lovingly handmade, most of the time while watching Star Wars and Marvel movies / tv shows as a family.  It's been such a passion of mine since I first picked up a hook during my pregnancy in 2009.  The rest is history.

Everything else is dreamt up and created with excitement and passion, under the roof of our family home.  You can always tell what has recently inspired our family of three, by the items that start appearing in our shop.

**Our only exception to this rule is for stickers, mugs, custom printed fabrics and Pop Grips.  We've selected some pretty awesome manufacturers that are willing to print our designs onto high quality products that we love.  They receive some pretty thorough inspection before receiving a stamp of approval and being sent to our customers.